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Airports Geographic Information System (Airports GIS)

The Airports Surveying Geographic Information System (Airports GIS) helps the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) collect airport and aeronautical data to meet the demands of the Next Generation National Airspace System.

Guided by Advisory Circulars, the airport sponsor or proponents are key links in the information chain. Use this Airports GIS web application to access airport data and submit changes matching defined business rules. After you submit changes, the Airports GIS application notifies the proper FAA office.

We are developing electronic Airport Obstruction Charts and electronic Airport Layout Plans. Our ultimate goal is to integrate multiple versions of the airport data: preliminary, current, planned, and temporary. Additional plans are to share data with other FAA systems such as iOEAAA and eNASR. Stay tuned for future implementations.

Please send digital imagery and associated supporting documentation for review to the following address:

FAA Airport Engineering Division (AAS-100)
Airport Surveying-GIS Program Manager
800 Independence Avenue, Suite 621
Washington, D.C. 20591

Front Office Phone: 202-267-7669


New Users Requesting Access to the Airports GIS System

New users who would like to request access to the Airports GIS system for the first time should contact the Airports GIS Help Desk for the "New User Registration Form". Please, complete the required fields within the form and submit it back to the Help Desk via email to be processed.

Help Desk Telephone Line: 202-580-7505 (8:00AM - 5:00PM / Monday - Friday)

Help Desk Email:

Instructions for Accessing the System for Previous Airports GIS Users

For instructions on how to register with MyAccess and to log into the system, please follow the link below that will direct you to the Airports GIS newsletter. Once you are inside of the newsletter click on the tab "MyAccess Account Registration".

Non FAA Employees or Contractors

FAA Employees or Contractors
(Requires FAA email address)



When logging into Airports GIS you will first be redirected to the Department of Transportation MyAccess electronic authorization page. This is a new security feature for Airports GIS. The system asks for a "Federal Email Address", however for Airports GIS users outside the Federal Aviation Administration, just enter your regular email address as shown in the example below.

Once you enter your email address, the "Agree and Continue" button will turn green, so you can select it.

If you are still having trouble logging in, please contact the Airports GIS Help Desk by calling 202-580-7505 (8:00AM - 5:00PM / Monday - Friday) or via email at