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The tmRNA Website

Image Title The tmRNA Website.

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Kelly Williams

(925) 294-4730

Corey Hudson

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Sandia Biology


Bioinformatics work at Sandia produces data products and software tools with a special focus on two strategic thrust areas, biofuels and biodefense.

Our tmRNA Website presents our sequence collection for tmRNA, which among other functions frees stalled ribosomes.

Our Islander database presents our analysis of genomic islands, the major vehicle for mobile pathogenicity genes, that tend to integrate into tRNA and tmRNA genes in prokaryotic genomes.

Our RapTOR (RAPid Threat Organism Recognition) project has prepared a metagenomic analysis pipeline and visualization facility for detecting pathogens in clinical samples through high-throughput sequence data.

We also analyze protein-protein and protein-chemical interactions by examining the biological sequences and small molecules involved in these interactions.


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