The web site you are trying to reach may not be appropriate.

  • The current list of categories, the vendor descriptions of each, their disposition and policy reference. Please note this document may change. As it changes we will update the link. (doclink)


    The Department of the Interior (DOI) has policies governing the acceptable use of the Internet access. Specific guidance can be found in, at least, the following documents:

    • Memorandum to All Employees entitled "Appropriate Use of the Internet," issued by Deputy Secretary P. Lynn Scarlett, September 27, 2006. (doclink)
    • Policies on Limited Use of Government Equipment and Telephone Use, June 14, 2000, issued by John Berry, Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget.(doclink)
    • Information Resources Management (IRM) Bulletin Number 1997-001, June 13, 1997, issued by Bonnie R. Cohen, Assistant Secretary - Policy, Management and Budget. (doclink)
    • OCIO Directive 2006-010, Instant Messaging, Internet Relay Chat, Web Conferencing, and Peer-to-Peer Usage Policy, March 20, 2006, issued by Hord Tipton, Chief Information Officer, U.S. Department of the Interior.(doclink)

    The World Wide Web is a dynamic and fast-changing place.  If you believe the web page you are trying to reach is no longer classified correctly, you may notify the vendor responsible for classifying web sites for DOI by filling out the form located at: Submit A Site For Review. The vendor will review the information you provide and update system filters if appropriate.  Please include the URL (e.g. you are attempting to reach.

    If you believe this web site is categorized correctly and you have a legitimate business need to access it, please submit a request for exception to the Enterprise Security Officer, through your immediate supervisor to your Deputy DIO or higher authority. You may begin completing the unblock request by filling out the form located at: Submit An Unblock Request Form.

    For emergency troubleshooting, contact the ESN NOSC at 1-866-ESN-NOSC.