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The Biometric Research Program (BRP) is the statistical and biomathematical component of the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis (DCTD). Its members provide statistical leadership for the national research programs of the division in developmental therapeutics, developmental diagnostics, diagnostic imaging and clinical trials. The members of the program also conduct research in biostatistics, biomathematics, and computational biology, on topics ranging from methodology to facilitate understanding at the molecular level of the pathogenesis of cancer to methodology to enhance the conduct of clinical trials of new therapeutic and diagnostic approaches. 


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BRB ArrayTools


Download the most advanced tools for microarray data analysis
Technical Reports and Talks

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Predictive Biomarkers in Phase II/III Clinical Trials

Predictive Biomarkers in Phase II/III Clinical Trials


Research Area

Clinical trials, Drug Discovery, Molecular Cancer Diagnosis, Biomedical Imaging, Computational and Systems Biology, and Biostatistical Research
Optimal Two-Stage Designs

Optimal Two-Stage Designs


BRP Alumni

Integrate Phase II/III Clinical Trials

Integrated Phase II/III Clinical Trials


Position Available

Multiple scientific investigator positions available
Sample Size for Developing Predictive Classifiers

Sample Size for Developing Predictive Classifiers


Apps for Design of Clinical Trials

  • Design, Monitoring and Analysis of
            Bayesian Basket Discovery Trials
  • Bayesian Phase II Single Arm Clinical Trials
  • Software

    Software Download

  • Accelerated Titration Design Software
  • Optimal Two-Stage Phase II Design Software
  • pCR Trial-Level Surrogate Analysis Software

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