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6401 Hollis St.

Emeryville, CA 94608

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OCFO Vision


To enable scientific discovery, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer will provide leadership, excellent services, and responsive solutions to its Laboratory partners.


Our Values

  • Be safe and encourage others to be safe.
  • Treat every person with whom we come in to contact with respect and dignity.
  • Consider our valued customers as if they could choose to find another source for our services. Prove to them that given the choice, they would come to us first.
  • Demonstrate by our individual actions the way we want the entire OCFO to operate.
  • Take full responsibility for the quality of the OCFO’s performance by making things better.
  • Accept full ownership and follow through with all customer inquiries.
  • Give each other open, direct, and timely feedback on what we want from each other.
  • Recognize achievement and celebrate success.
  • Teamwork should prevail; think “we”, not “I”.
  • Our job is to make others successful.