Tulalip Child Support Payment Calculator

The Tulalip Child Support Program Payment Calculator is designed to give parents and guardians a close estimation of what they can expect to pay/receive in child support.

Use this tool to see a breakdown of how the Tulalip Child Support Program calculates child support. You can also save your calculations to review at a later date. For detailed help, please visit our Help Guide or use the inline help icons.


  • Information will be lost if you browse to another website. Please Save Progress if intending to return to make changes later.
  • When entering financial information, please enter the average MONTHLY values over a 12 month period.
  • If you have any trouble, please use either the inline help (marked with a ?) or the Help Guide (download Adobe here Download Adobe PDF).

Case Information

Custodial Parent (CP) First Name:
Custodial Parent (CP) Last Name:
Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) First Name:
Non-Custodial Parent (NCP) Last Name:
Case Number:

Child Name: Child Age:

Part 1 - Income Data

1. Gross Income per Month (TTO 86.2.18(a))
a. Salary and Wages per Month
b. Treaty Income per Month
c. Commissions per Month
d. Stipend per Month
e. Bonuses per Month
f. Dividends per Month
g. Severance Pay per Month
h. Taxable per capita Payments per Month
i. Interest per Month
j. Trust Income per Month
k. Annuities per Month
l. Deferred Compensation per Month
m. Capital Gains per Month
n. Social Security Benefits per Month
o. Workers Compensation Benefits per Month
p. Unemployment Insurance Benefits per Month
q. Disability Insurance Benefits per Month
r. Gifts per Month
s. Gaming Winnings per Month
t. Prizes per Month
u. Spousal Maintenance per Month
v. Non-Cash Income per Month
w. Other Fluctuating Income per Month
x. Self-Employment / Rental Income per Month (TTO 86.2.18(a)(2))
y. Expense Reimbursements per Month
z. Total Gross Income per Month
2. Deductions from Monthly Gross Income (TTO 86.2.18(b)(1)-(9))
a. United States Income Taxes per Month
b. Tribal, State or Local Income Taxes per Month
c. FICA per Month
d. Health Insurance Premiums Paid by an Employee per Month
e. State Industrial Insurance Premiums per Month
f. Child Support for Another Child per Month
g. Court Order Spousal Maintenance per Month
h. Union and Professional Dues and/or Pension Plan Payments per Month
i. Joint Debt per Month
j. Total Deductions from Gross Income per Month
3. Actual Gross Income per Month

Part 2. Basic Obligation

1. Total Number of Children for Whom the NCP Is Legally Responsible
2. Total Number of Children with the Same CP, Relevant to this Child Support Case
3. Parent's Total Basic Child Support Obligation per Month

Part 3. Adjusted Obligation

1. Adjusted Obligation Based on Federal Poverty Level Guidelines

Part 4. Income Percentage

1. Actual Gross Income per Month
2. Combined Total Income per Month
3. Combined Total Income Percentage

Part 5. Child Expenses

1. Healthcare Expenses
a. Health Insurance Premiums Paid for Child(ren) [co-pays, deductibles, etc] per Month
b. Total Obligation for Health Care Expenses per Month
2. Child Care Expenses
a. Child Care Expenses Paid out of Pocket for Child(ren) per Month
b. Total Obligation for Child Care Expenses per Month
3. Extraordinary Expenses
a. Medical, Dental and Counseling Expenses per Month
b. Educational or Extracurricular Expenses per Month
c. Long Distance Transportation Expenses per Month
d. Long Distance Communication Expenses per Month
e. Traditional Cultural Activities per Month
f. Other Special Expenses per Month
g. Total Extraordinary Expenses per Month
h. Total Obligation for Extraordinary Expenses per Month

Part 6. Total Monthly Obligation

1. Parent's Total Child Support per Month

Part 7. Other Considering Factors

1. TANF per Month
2. Supplemental Security Income per Month
3. Food Stamps per Month
4. Other:
5. Total Amount Disclosed but not Included in Gross Income per Month

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