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The mission of Cryogenic Technology Group at NIST is to conduct research in cryogenics, working with industry and other government agencies in the development of new and/or improved processes and products involving cryogenic technologies.


Major Program Elements

  • Develop advanced measurement techniques and standard measurements practices for cryogenic processes.
  • Investigate new and innovative cryogenic refrigeration processes.
  • Develop mathematical models for cryogenic processes.
  • Design and test prototype components and systems to compare performance with models to improve modeling techniques.
  • Provide critically evaluated data for the properties of solid materials at cryogenic temperature.
  • Assist in development of bibliographic database on cryogenics.
  • Conduct calibrations of cryogenic flowmeters.


Dr. Ray Radebaugh
Mail Stop 638.00
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305

Phone: (303)497-3710
Fax: (303)497-5044