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The Georgia Commission on Child Support consists of fifteen members, appointed by the Governor. The duties of the Commission are outlined in O.C.G.A. § 19-6-53 and include establishing and regularly reviewing child support guidelines, development and maintenance of the Georgia Child Support Calculator, recommending legislation, providing training throughout the State to judges, attorneys, and the public, and many other duties.

Purpose: “There is created the Georgia Child Support Commission for the purpose of studying and collecting information and data relating to awards of child support and to create and revise the child support obligation table. The commission shall be responsible for conducting a comprehensive review of the child support guidelines, economic conditions, and all matters relevant to maintaining effective and efficient child support guidelines and modifying child support orders that will serve the best interest of Georgia's children and take into account the changing dynamics of family life. Further, the commission shall determine whether adjustments are needed to the child support obligation table taking into consideration the guidelines set forth in Code Section 19-6-53. Nothing contained in the commission's report shall be considered to authorize or require a change in the child support obligation table without action by the General Assembly.” O.C.G.A. § 19-6-50 

The Georgia Commission on Child Support currently offers for use an online calculator alongside two Excel calculators, which will result in identical child support calculations. Select one of the green buttons below to access a child support calculator. Select the blue button to access information on Georgia's Income Deduction Order process for private cases. 

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Georgia Excel Child Support Calculator