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dbGaP Authorized Access is the management portal for individual-level data.
This site can be used to submit a data access request, manage access requests, and download approved data sets.

How does one apply?

Click on the “log in” link (upper right side of this page) and follow the instructions. In order to log in and apply for authorized access to dbGaP studies you must have one of the following accounts:

For additional information, see request procedures for principal investigators and signing officials.

Who can apply?

Researchers from outside of NIH need to be identified as principal investigators (PIs) in the eRA Commons system. If you are not a PI, when you log in, the system will advise you to contact your local supervisor to apply on your behalf.

If you are an NIH employee requesting access to data for research or administrative purposes, you have to fill an NIH Staff Access Request Form with your GDS Program Administrator (GPA). Please complete the request form, submit to your supervisor for review and signature and then forward as appropriate for final approval by your IC or scientific director.

The Code of Conduct is an agreement that research investigators agree to abide by as Approved Users of data received through the database for Genotypes and Phenotypes (dbGaP). Failure to abide by any term within this Code of Conduct may result in the revocation of approved access to any or all datasets obtained through dbGaP.

Why is access restricted?

NIH is committed to respecting the privacy and intentions of research participants with regard to how data pertaining to their individual information is used. Data access is therefore intended only for scientific investigators pursuing research questions that are consistent with the informed consent agreements provided by individual research participants. Furthermore, investigators provided access will be expected to utilize appropriate data security measures.

Who is an authorized user within the data access request system?

Authorized users include the researchers who may request data sets for specific research uses, the institutional signing officials from the PI's home organization who certify and submit such requests, and the NIH staff who review and process requests (e.g., members of the Data Access Committees).

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