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networkMaryland™ is the statewide high-speed network for public sector use. The network was created from an initiative to utilize resource shared fiber optic cable assets throughout the state to provide affordable, high-speed bandwidth to all areas of the State and to provide a cost savings to the citizens of the State of Maryland. Moving forward, networkMaryland™ will provide WAN connectivity for all public entities in the State to improve the economy of scale by coordinating joint network build-outs, consolidation of services and by providing the necessary information for proper network growth.


On Thursday, April 1, 2010, networkMaryland™ support moved to a new Network Operations Center (NOC). This change is a result of the new Network Services Contract awarded to SkyLine Network Engineering. The contact information for networkMaryland™ support remains the same.

24 x 7 NOC Phone Number: 1-877-664-6963
NOC e-mail address: 

The process for opening a trouble ticket or reporting a networkMaryland™ issue remains unchanged. We suggest that each agency coordinates connectivity issue through either a single point of contact or a LAN team to verify reported issues before placing a call to the Service Desk or the NOC.​