The NIH Disaster Research Response Program (DR2) is the national framework for research on the medical and public health aspects of disasters and public health emergencies. The DR2 website, provided by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and the National Library of Medicine, supports disaster science investigators by offering data collection tools, research protocols, disaster research news and events, and more.

Latest National Library of Medicine guides for clinicians and researchers:  *Zika Virus Health Information Resources | *Floods | *Hurricanes.

Timely research response requires quick access to data collection tools for disasters and public health emergencies.

Search Data Collection Tools for surveys, questionnaires, forms, reference materials and other tools useful for medical and public health research following disasters.

Like all responders, researchers need training to be effective in their disaster roles. DR2 has conducted tabletop exercises on incorporating data collection and research into disaster response and recovery. Training resources are also available for preparing scientists to conduct research in the post-disaster field environment.

Disaster-related research is unusually challenging because disasters are unpredictable. Institutions’ routine research processes, requirements, and funding cycles take too long to be responsive to immediate data collection needs. DR2 works to eliminate barriers to quick response by pre-positioning research protocols, templates, clearances, and funding practices that are ready to go when the unexpected happens.

This guide highlights the numerous federal agencies, institutions, and networks that conduct disaster-related medical and public health research or are working to advance disaster research capabilities. Many are active partners with the Disaster Research Response Program in promoting expedited disaster-related research. All are contributing to research that will improve response to future disasters and enhance communities’ recovery.

Program goals describe the challenging issues and barriers to expedited disaster research that can limit successful, timely post-disaster data collection.

DR2 projects focus on minimizing these barriers by developing research protocols, funding mechanisms, and expedited processes for obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Paperwork Reduction Act approvals before the next disaster.

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