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eCoastal: Enterprise GIS for Coastal Engineering and Sciences

Welcome to the newly updated eCoastal website! It is our latest form of communication to keep our user group informed on the latest updates to the eCoastal program. On this website, you will find available training, database upgrades, latest additions to the eGIS toolbar, and much more! Be sure to check out our newsletter for the latest upgrades to the system.

Inside eCoastal

The Spatial Data Branch has developed a methodology for data mapping and migration that enables clients to build geospatial databases economically. Enterprise geographic information systems (eGIS) have been enabled by the Spatial Data Branch to allow users to obtain and share spatial information regardless of geographical location.

eCoastal includes all projects, nationwide, that have implemented the eGIS schema. Regional Sediment Management (RSM) is one component of the eCoastal system.

eCoastal is a repository for all types of coastal related information, including be not limited to bathymetric surveys, sediment budget layers, channel definitions, dredge histories, NOAA charts, Quad sheets, etc.

The Spatial Data Branch is continually developing new applications and tools to work with the eCoastal program. Visit the eCoastal Program page of the Spatial Data Branch's website to view the latest projects.