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Lenormand Decks

3Lens1You can get the Celtic Lenormand (left), a pagan-themed deck with beautiful artwork by Will Worthington, from all normal deck retailers, online and on the high street.  Learn to read confidently and intuitively using different spreads and techniques through the Celtic Lenormand blog.

The Wings of Change Lenormand (right) offers you all the delights of fairy magic in a Lenormand format.  You can buy a special, limited 42-card edition, which includes elemental cards to decorate your altar or use in spell work, bringing the energy of these natural spirits into your life.  To see a slideshow of all the images of the deck, click here, and to see behind-the-scenes information on how it was created, click here.  For orders, click one of the buttons below.

The Kindergarten Lenormand (2nd Edition with playing card inserts – centre) will give you clear, simple, playful readings, as well as the chance to literally draw some extra cards yourself 🙂  It can be bought through the GameCrafter here.  To see a slideshow of the entire deck, click on the link.

If you’re based in Europe, the GameCrafter postage can be prohibitive.  So, I now have a limited number of Kindergarten decks to sell directly (these have only one blank card, and come in a clear, plastic box).  This also means I can offer a bundle discount for anyone interested in both the Wings of Change and the Kindergarten Lenormand


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