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EE Showcase Disclaimer

Welcome to the E-Enterprise Showcase environment. This is a non-production demonstration environment and is not to be used for any regulatory activity.

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  • Customize your information

    The E-Enterprise Portal provides an important new means by which users can customize the types of information presented to them, find and select tools and other resources, and, conduct transactions with EPA.

    See the video

  • What's Included

    • Environmental Reporting

      New ways to submit information.

    • Developer Community (Future)

      New ways to submit information.

    • Workbench

      Tools, data, and resources to help you.

    • Maps & Dashboard

      Learn more about the environment thru maps and data mashups.

      and more

  • Through our What Matters to You screen, you can select locations, organizations, and roles that matter to you to see relevant content, including local government resources.You can see and update topics that matter to you in our Resources for Local Communities widget also.

    Find Local Government Resources

    The local government component will provide powerful, easy-to-use tools that will enable local governments to make better decisions, save staff time and money, and provide higher levels of service to community members.

    Select your location, organization, and role to find resources.

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