Geospatial Services Section, Planning Branch

The Fort Worth Geospatial team is provides geospatial services, support, processes and standards to the Southwestern Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Geospatial support applies to survey and mapping projects, regulatory investigations/studies, planning studies, real estate assistance, and emergency operations. Our team produces and provides geospatial databases for mapping and analysis used in many civil and military projects.

ESRI International User Conference, 11-15 July 2011, San Diego, CA.
Dennis Akins and Bob Heselton completed the requirements and received their GISP Certification in 2010.
Tip of the Day
If you have overlapping polygons and need to see boundaries of both, try setting the top layer to outline, or even 50% transparent.
Don't create unnecessary data. Instead perform a selection of desired features and exporting them to a new dataset, try limiting the number of features displayed with a definition query, or even symbolizing a catagory of features with no color...