Welcome to the Genewindow website. Genewindow is the primary tool for pre- and post-genetic bioinformatics and analytical work at the Core Genotyping Facility (CGF) at the National Cancer Institute, which is currently analyzing approximately 75,000 samples at a rate of four million SNP genotypes per year. While Genewindow is implemented for the human genome and integrated with the CGF laboratory data, it stands as a useful tool to assist investigators in the selection of variants for study in vitro, or in novel genetic association studies.

If you're new to Genewindow, please check out a Quicktime demo showing Genewindow in action (small medium large). There are also supplemental materials available describing some details of Genewindow, in addition to the about page.


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Recent changes
  • Added mirRNAs to database and interface. They are displayed similarly to genes.
  • A new quick search feature has been added in addition to viewing annotated FASTA sequences. See how to search for detailed instructions.
  • Performance has been enhanced resulting in decreased wait times when retrieving and rendering genes and genomic regions.
  • Users can now copy 600bps of annotated sequence on both sides of a polymorphism for assay design by clicking on the "view annotated sequence" link in the 'derived info' section of the polymorphism detail window.
  • Genewindow is now current with NCBI genome build 37.2 and dbSNP build 132.
  • Users can now filter SNPs by dbSNP submitter (e.g. HapMap SNPs) or by frequency.
  • Polymorphism details now reflect CGF data separated from dbSNP's data.

If you have any questions or comments please email them to genewindow@mail.nih.gov disclaimer