Gulf of Mexico Master Mapping Plan

The Gulf of Mexico Master Mapping Plan (GMMMP) is a comprehensive plan to collaboratively acquire data on the physical characteristics of the Gulf region, particularly elevation, shoreline, and surface data.  The Gulf is too large for any one agency to map, thus a collaborative approach is required; one that identifies and fulfills all mapping requirements with ongoing mapping programs.  Therefore, by aligning data collection methods and sharing resources, critical mapping information can be collected at a lower cost to the program partners.

Action Steps:

  1. Identify mapping needs and requirements to allow for informed coastal management decisions and data gap analysis.
  2. Conduct an inventory of the capabilities and data assets of existing mapping programs and leverage ongoing efforts of the Interagency Working Group on Ocean and Coastal Mapping.
  3. Develop a collaborative strategy to acquire the necessary region-wide physical characteristics data. 

Expected Results:

        A GMMMP is developed using shared resources.

        Coastal management decisions across the Gulf are made more effectively by updated elevation, shoreline,  and sea floor characterization data.




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