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Seeking Proposals for the Veterans Pro Bono Program

Competitive grant funds are available for the Veterans Pro Bono Program for 2016. LSC is soliciting grant proposals from interested parties.

List of Interested Parties That Filed a Notice of Intent to Compete for a 2016 LSC Grant

In order to submit a competitive grant application, applicants are first required to submit a Notice of Intent to Compete (NIC). May 8, 2015, was the deadline for submitting a NIC for service areas in competition for 2016 grant awards except for Michigan and Pennsylvania service areas. May 22, 2015, was the NIC deadline for service areas in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Upcoming Deadlines

Did You Know?

One of the new features available on the new LSC Grants website is the ability to sign up for the Grants News Email List. Enter your email address in the box in the lower left-hand corner of the homepage and select "Current grantee" or "Other" to sign up.