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Who We Are

The Digital Mapping, Charting and Geodesy Analysis Program (DMAP) team is part of the Naval Research Laboratory's (NRL) Mapping Branch and is especially focused on advanced object-oriented modeling, database design, advanced geospatial portal implementation, environmental data dissemination, emerging digital mapping standards, and technical reviews for Navy usage of geospatial information. DMAP is the team responsible for developing the Geospatial Information Database (GIDB®) Portal System, simultaneously connected to the most disparate sources of geospatial information available and with no licensing, which you can access by choosing one of the four user interfaces to the right. DMAP is responsible for technical development for the VNE-NCS project. VNE-NCS is the new environmental data dissemination system for Tactical Decision Aids and Warfighters, sponsored by PEO C4I and Space, PMW 180.

Katrina Maps
Katrina Maps
Downloadable Client

DMAP's Downloadable (Thick) Client is our full-featured client aimed at the power user. The thick client allows many more capabilities (e.g., unlimited number of layers, 3D visualization, importing of local shape and other data, extensive flexibility on input formats, output formats (e.g., shape, geotiff, png, etc.), and drawing options (symbology such as Geosym 4)). The thick client is downloaded to your machine and auto installs for use.

Web Client Screenshot
Thin Client Hurricane Track
Browser-based Client

The Portal is accessed through the use of one of four clients. DMAP's Browser-based Client strives to be the simplest method of interacting with the GIDB® Portal System by providing a thematic interaction and automatic selection of "best" data for the user. A user can look at up to 5 layers simultaneously and vary their order and transparency.

PDA Client
PDA-enabled Client
PDA Client

DMAP's PDA Client is similar to our web client except it is formatted for a PDA handheld device. You are still connected to the same vast amount of geospatial information via our Portal; it is just displayed on a small PDA device.

Web Services
Web Services
Web Services

The hundreds of thousands of maps provided by DMAPís GIDB Portal can function as WMS compliant map sources via DMAPís OpenGIS Web Map Service Interface. Using any WMS 1.1.0 or WMS 1.1.1 Viewer you can browse, view, and overlay the vast variety of map sources coming from DMAPís GIDB Portal (see our Web Services page for a listing of public WMS Viewers). The GIDB Portal WMS Interface follows well defined standards as provided by the OpenGIS Consortium, allowing you to seamlessly integrate the GIDB Portalís maps into your WMS Application. Soon to come is the addition of the OpenGIS Web Feature Service Interface, allowing client to retrieve GIDB Portal geospatial data encoded in the Geography Markup Language (GML), as well as the OpenGIS Catalog, providing the capability to browse, search, and query the copious amounts of geospatial data available via the GIDB Portal with any OpenGIS Catalog client application.


Patents: 6,684,219 , 6,950,828 and 6,985,929
Trademarks: 2,957,434 , 2,852,412 and 3,121,688
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