The Macro-System Model is a DOE-funded effort to improve cross-cutting hydrogen system analysis by linking together hydrogen models to enable consistent assumptions and sensitivity analysis surrounding the fuel consumption of FCEVs. Version 1.3 of the MSM has been developed and is available to the energy analysis community through a graphical user interface (GUI). The MSM links H2A Production, HDSAM, GREET, HyDRA and physical property information from HyARC to estimate the economics, primary energy source requirements, and emissions of multiple hydrogen production/delivery pathways.

The MSM will help you:

Here is an example of one type of output from the MSM:

GREET2 chart image

The MSM team also has additional capabilites that can be requested or performed by advanced users. Those capabilities include:

The MSM has been used in analyses to compare hydrogen pathways and to understand the effects of varying parameters on costs, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions. A report on that work is available.

To use the MSM, contact us at

For an overview of the MSM and detailed description of its use, see the MSM user guide