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Tri-Lab High-Performance Computing Support

User Services and Documentation

    Tri-lab Machine Matrix - table listing the machines available at each lab. Information shown includes: Network, Architecture, OS, #Nodes, #CPUs/Cores, Peak Tflops and a link to more information.


  • Most pages do NOT require authentication. For pages that DO require authentication, use your LC user name and OTP password. For Sandia/LANL users without an OTP token:
    • Sandia users - authenticate with your sandia-username@dce.sandia.gov and your Sandia kerberos password.
    • LANL users - authenticate with your lanl-username@lanl.gov and your LANL kerberos password.
  • computing.llnl.gov and mylc.llnl.gov - Main portals for user documentation, support, system status and usage information. Some relevant links are listed below.
  • Sequoia BG/Q Tutorial
  • Getting Started - Quickstart links for new users.
  • Accounts - Types of accounts, how to obtain an account, account policies, forms, assistance with accounts.
  • Access - How to log in, available login machines, passwords, file transfer.
  • Computing Resources - Listing of all computing platforms with links to additional information.
  • User Environment Topics - A wide range of topics most users need to be familiar with when computing in LLNL's HPC environment, including: Login files, home directories, file backups, temporary file systems, parallel file systems, archival storage, quotas, file transfer and sharing...and more
  • Code Development - Compilers, debuggers, profilers, performance analysis tools, mpi...
  • Running Jobs - Interactive, batch, job limits, visualization resources, storage...
  • Training and Tutorials - Links to a wide range of tutorials and workshop information.
  • Documentation - Most user documentation is accessible from computing.llnl.gov
  • Help Desk Support
  • LC Machine Status - unclassified Collaboration Zone (CZ) (requires authentication)
  • LC Machine Status - unclassified Restricted Zone (RZ) (requires authentication)
  • LC Machine Status - classified: https://lc.llnl.gov/computing/status/


  • hpc.sandia.gov - Tri-lab HPC portal at Sandia. From here you can access the same types of user information as shown above for LLNL.
  • Note: Most pages DO require authentication.
    • LLNL users: Username: johndoe@spectrum.llnl.gov (where johndoe is your username). Password: the kerberos password obtained from https://lc.llnl.gov/getkrbpw/
    • LANL users: supply your fully qualified user name (as in username@lanl.gov) and LANL cryptoCard password


  • hpc.lanl.gov - Tri-lab HPC portal at LANL. From here you can access the same types of user information as shown above for LLNL.
  • Note: Most pages DO require authentication. Use your LANL account/z-number and cryptocard.

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This page was last updated on Jul 3, 2013