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Tuesday, Nov 22, 2016 - 11:15 pm

JCSL System Assurance Statement

Individual student information contained in the CJJP JCSL System is collected for the purpose of generating aggregate statistics. The data are protected by state and federal laws and must be maintained in a confidential manner at all times.

As an employee of a local school district, AEA, Iowa Judicial Branch, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning or the Iowa Department of Education, that has access to records in the JCSL System, you are required to maintain this information in a confidential manner. The unauthorized access to, modification, deletion or disclosure of information from the JCSL System may compromise the integrity of the system, violate individual student rights of privacy, and/or constitute a criminal act and subject the employer to a loss of federal funds.

Unauthorized viewing, reproduction/copying, and/or distribution of any student record or information outside the intended and approved use of the JCSL System is strictly prohibited. Users violating the authorized use of the JCSL System will lose access privileges to the system. Illegal access or misuse of this information may also be punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

By logging in to this application, I acknowledge and agree to the above requirements.