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JJC House Bill HB 2018PDF Document

JJC House Resolution 56PDF Document


Tallulah Opinion PDF Document


Recent Events

• March 06 Meeting
  PDF Document PDF  
Advisory Board Recommendations
• Final Reports PDF
  PDF Document Vol. 1 (185 p) PDF Document Vol. 2 (86 p)
  PDF Document Vol. 3 (117 p) PDF Document Vol. 4 (48 p)
  PDF Document Vol. 5 (201 p) PDF Document Vol. 6 (182 p)
• Final Recommendations
  PDF Document PDF  
• Proposed Action Plan
  PDF Document PDF Power Point Power Point
Casey Foundation Recommendations
• Final Recommendation
  PDF Document PDF Power Point Power Point-1
    Power Point Power Point-2
Minority Reports
• LA Dist Atty Assoc.
  PDF Document PDF  
• Juv. Just. Project of LA
  PDF Document PDF  
Areas of Agreement/Disagreement
• Adv Board Staff Compilation
  PDF Document PDF Exhibit 1 PDF Document PDF
    Exhibit 2 PDF Document PDF
Digest of Comments/Testimony
  PDF Document PDF PDF Document HTML
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