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Extended Search capacity is available to all KIDSNET users, by entering information on a child that you are having trouble finding in KIDSNET such as only their DOB, and last name - you will now have a list to select from. Contact KIDSNET for more info on how to use this new feature!
Through this site Authorized KIDSNET Users gain access to KIDSNET State Supplied Vaccine (SSV) Enrollment and/or KIDSNET Child Data. If you need information on access to KIDSNET call 222-4220.
In proceeding beyond this point, the user: ...agree that they are utilizing a personal User ID and Password that has been issued to them by the Department of Health or an authorized KIDSNET Administrator in your office.
...agree not to share their User Id and Password with others.

Users with access to KIDSNET Child data: ...acknowledge that medical decisions rest with the health care provider based on the child's current health status and past medical history.
...agree to look up information only on his/her current patients/clients.
...acknowledge the possibility that this information may be incomplete or incorrect and that the Department of Health is not responsible for any decisions made utilizing the data.
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  ...agree to comply with the Confidentiality of Health Care Information Act (RI General Law 5-37. 3-4), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), other state and federal laws pertaining to confidentiality, and the KIDSNET User Agreement.

...agrees to adhere to the Confidentiality of Health Care Information Act and have signed or are covered by a signed User Agreement with KIDSNET.
  • KIDSNET is not a covered entity under HIPAA and may disclose information to authorized users in accordance with state and federal law.
  • Misuse of information from this web site is subject to penalty.
  • Use of the KIDSNET web site is audited.

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