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  • Getting Started
  • Proof of Age and Identity
  • Proof of Social Security or Maryland Taxes
  • Proof of Residential Address
  • Print List and Make Appointment



If you are applying for your first Maryland Driver’s License, Learner’s or Moped Permit, or Identification Card, this document guide will help you determine the documents you must present when coming to the MVA. You may also schedule an appointment to come to the MVA after you complete the document guide.

On January 1, 2014, if you are an immigrant presenting foreign documentation without valid accompanying United State Citizenship & Immigration Services documentation, you ARE required to make an appointment and MUST use this guide to start the application process and to schedule your appointment.

Note: For immigrants who are required to schedule an appointment after 1/1/14, you can begin using this guide today to start the appointment scheduling process.

The MVA is unable to issue any first time driver’s license, learner’s or moped permits or Identification Card, if a customer does not have ALL of their required documents.

*Items in red are required

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Have you legally changed your name due to marriage or a court order?