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Picture of the Sun


This photograph of the sun
was taken using the extreme
ultraviolet radiation from ionized
helium, 304 Angstom wavelength.
It was taken on December 19, 1973
using the Solar Physics Branch's
SO82A Spectroheliograph
onboard the Skylab ATM.

The Solar Physics Branch is part of the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Space Science Divison.

Researchers in the Solar Physics Branch have been involved in observational and theoretical studies of the solar atmosphere since the early years of the space age. Experiments developed at NRL have flown on NASA missions such as Skylab/ATM (see the picture above), the OSO satellite series, the Space Shuttle STS-3, Spacelab-2 and ATLAS missions.

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You can also visit the NRL Space Science Division home page.

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)
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