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Registration and licensing for the 2015-2016 legislative session is now open.

Welcome to the Government Accountability Board’s Eye on Lobbying web site. Wisconsin law generally requires an organization that employs an individual whose duties include trying to influence state legislation or administrative rule-making to register as a lobbying principal. Individuals who are paid to lobby are required to obtain a lobbyist license. 

You do not have to create a user account to use this site if you want to search and view lobbying information that is available to the public.

A user account is required to perform each of the tasks below. If you do not currently have a User Name and a Password and wish to perform one of these tasks, please create a user account to become a registered user of this site.

  • Register a lobbying principal or amend a current registration
  • Obtain a lobbyist license or amend a current license
  • Complete a 15 day notification or 6 month report
  • Subscribe to the FOCUS notification service

If you have any questions about the user account process, please contact a G.A.B. staff member at (608) 266-8005.

After you create a user account and have logged on, you will be able to access registration, licensing, and reporting tools.

What you will find on this website.

On this website, you will find a list of all registered lobbying principals, all licensed lobbyists, and all individuals designated as legislative liaisons by state agencies. In addition, you will be able to view all matters on which a principal is lobbying. You can track which lobbying principals are lobbying on each legislative proposal and agency rule-making proceeding. The website also contains six-month reports of each lobbying principal's lobbying activities detailing the time and expenditures devoted to lobbying.

You can use online tools to register as a lobbying principal and apply for a lobbyist license. You may amend your registration and license information. Online tools are available for lobbying principals to report the matters on which they are lobbying and to file six-month reports.

For information on the Veterans Professional/Occupational Licensure Fee Waiver Program, please click here.

Online Training materials available

To access the Eye on Lobbying training materials, click here.

Eye on Lobbying

Since 1997-98, the state of Wisconsin has maintained an online database of lobbying activities, allowing the public to monitor -- in real time -- efforts to influence the Legislature. The lobbying database was created by the former Wisconsin Ethics Board, which is now part of the Government Accountability Board.

In 2000, the prestigious Innovations in American Government Awards program sponsored by Harvard University and the Ford Foundation selected the Wisconsin Ethics Board's Lobbyists-on-Line program as one of the 25 most significant innovations in American government, from an initial field of 1,317 nominations. The award recognized the Ethics Board's use of the Internet to allow quick and easy access to information about who is seeking to influence public policy in Wisconsin. In 2002, the Wisconsin Ethics Board received the 2002 Public Integrity Award, which pays tribute to an organization that has made outstanding contributions to responsible conduct in public service, for its unique Eye on Lobbying program.