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Thank you for helping us improve the accuracy of the map. To provide general feedback regarding the map or information regarding broadband access for your location, click on the map or type your address in the "Find" field to zoom directly to the location upon which you would like to report and then click on the map. Clicking on the map opens a bubble with a list of available providers at that location. In the bottom of the bubble is a link to the "Provider Coverage and Speed Feedback" survey, click on the link to open the short survey. Your answers will be documented and the coverage and speed feedback that you provided will be displayed on the "Consumer Feedback Map" which can be accessed on the drop down menu under "Choose A Broadband Map".

Unfortunately, we are not able to respond directly to all feedback, but your assistance will help us improve the quality of the broadband map over time.

Users are allowed to provide feedback after clicking on a specific location on the map. These user reports sometimes indicate that coverage is NOT available in areas that broadband providers claim they serve. This typically occurs when a DSL or Cable provider offers service in one portion of a small census block (under 2.0 sq. mi) but not on every street within that block. Unfortunately we cannot display coverage at a more granular level within these small census blocks. Instead, to help other users better evaluate provider coverage claims, we allow users to mark known unserved areas with a red "X" icon. Because coverage changes regularly, the date of the report is provided.

Users are allowed to provide feedback after clicking on a specific location on the map. A green "check mark" icon indicates that a consumer has confirmed that coverage exists at that location - regardless of whether a broadband provider has reported coverage there. Speed test results are provided if available.

Satellite providers may be able to offer service at this location. Check with the satellite providers below for more information.

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Link Broadband Coverage Survey

Thank you for your feedback. If you are a broadband provider and wish to submit corrections/additions to this map, please contact us directly at 1-866-801-1464 or by email at If you are a consumer/business internet user, please submit your feedback here.

We cannot respond to every submission, but your input will be used to improve the accuracy of the maps over time. Please note that your contact information will not be shared with anyone outside the Link team unless requested below.

After you answer each question, click "Next Question" to proceed.

What type of feedback would you like to provide?

  • General feedback on features or usability.
  • Feedback on the accuracy of coverage shown.

Are you currently at the location you selected on the map?

Are you currently submitting this feedback from the map location you selected (clicked upon) or a different location? This is important because you may be asked to take an option broadband speed test and we would like to correlate the speed test results with the proper location.

  • Yes, I am accessing the Internet from the location I selected
  • No, I am accessing the Internet from a different location than the one I selected

Do you subscribe to Broadband at the location you selected on the map?

  • Yes, I have a Broadband connection
  • No, my connection is slower than broadband
  • I don't know

To your knowledge, is broadband available from any provider at the location you selected on the map?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I Don`t Know

Please take our Speed Test to help verify information supplied by broadband providers:

  • I will take the speed test
  • No Thanks

Take the Broadband Speed Test:

The Speed Test will measure your current upload and download speed and submit the results with your survey along with the latitude and longitude of the location you clicked to start the survey. For best results, make sure you are not doing other internet activities while running the test. The test will take about 30 seconds.

Note: Your speeds may vary and will not necessarily match advertised speeds due to a variety of factors such as network congestion.

The Speed Test requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your Flash client.

Tell us about your Broadband Provider

  • Select the name of your Provider if it is in the list.
  • If you don't see your Provider, enter the name here.
  • Select your Broadband technology.

Please enter your contact information below:

Only First Name, Last Name and e-mail address are required fields

Please note that your contact information will not be shared with anyone outside the LinkIDAHO team unless requested below.

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Would you like us to provide your contact information to providers who may offer broadband to this location now or in the future?

  • Yes, please have a broadband provider contact me.
  • Note: By clicking “Yes” you are authorizing us to release you name, physical address, and e-mail address to broadband providers in this general area. There is no guarantee you will be contacted by a provider or that service will be made available.)

General Comments:

  • Please give us any comments you have about your broadband service or let us know about any other broadband issues you may have.