Statewide Data for 2009-2013

The PSDL produces charts and maps representing statewide traffic data. Click here for more.

2015 MOHS Theme

The Office of Highway Safety urges all drivers to practice safe driving habits- Drive 2 Stay Alive for a Safer Mississippi

FATALITIES 2013 vs 2014

Click Here for Details of Traffic Fatalities 2013 vs 2014

System Development & Technical Expertise

The PSDL offers technical expertise to support law enforcement activities & develops advanced computer systems to assist law enforcement to enhance traffic safety measures across the state.

Agency Coordination

The PSDL assists agencies with coordinating research and development programs to identify traffic safety needs faced by the state.

Analytical Capabilities

The PSDL analyzes vital traffic safety records data to support state agency sharing capabilities.

A project funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Office of Highway Safety of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

Check out the new 2014 Traffic Safety Data Book here!

Click here To Access the 2014 Seatbelt Survey/ Motorcycle Helmet Survey/ Child Restraint Use Survey and Law

Click Here For Information and Registration for Officer Attendance at the 2015 Spring Prosecutors Conference

Click Here to access the FY16 Grant Application, Guidelines, Example, and Data.