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Wisconsin State Agency Geospatial Information Committee




The State Agency Geospatial Information Committee (SAGIC) is comprised of high-level geospatial coordinators from Wisconsin state agencies.  SAGIC advises the Management Cabinet, a group of executives who oversee the internal operations of Wisconsin state agencies.  SAGIC offers enterprise-level technical and non-technical geospatial issues, opportunities and related recommendations to Management Cabinet for discussion and action.



SAGIC is formally recognized as a business-driven group that leads, supports and promotes the standardization, development, documentation, accessibility, sharing, and governance of state agency geospatial data, data services, and related solutions. 


SAGIC effectively communicates with Management Cabinet and other decision makers within state government entities and affects change within the enterprise.




SAGIC collaborates with Wisconsin state agencies to promote and facilitate their on-going efforts to:

  • Recognize geospatial data and data services as enterprise assets.

  • Ensure major legislative, program, policy, and planning efforts support sharing of geospatial data and data services.

  • Communicate openly and raise awareness about geospatial issues and activities to enhance the efficiency of operations and improve the delivery of services.

  • Identify and prioritize geospatial needs, opportunities, risks, gaps, priorities, issues, and initiatives.

  • Share geospatial resources, expertise and training across the enterprise.

  • Develop and recommend geospatial best practices, standards, policies, processes, and projects.

  • Improve collaboration to eliminate inefficient, wasteful and duplicative activities.

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