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About the Databases

AHRQ has established a suite of databases which serve as the central repositories for survey data from organizations that have administered the AHRQ Surveys on Patient Safety Culture survey instruments. The primary purpose of these databases is to facilitate comparisons of survey results by and among survey users. The Databases offer products and services to support the use of survey results by the survey users and other interested organizations and researchers. These products and services include comparative results, custom analyses, and data for research purposes. Participation in any of the Databases is free and open to all survey users.

Submitting Data

Participation in any of the suite of databases is open to all users of the surveys that administer surveys according to the specifications.

Benefits of submitting data to the database include:

  • The ability to compare their scores to a large and growing pool of standardized data that supports patient safety culture improvement.
  • Receive an individual facility feedback report comparing your results to the comparative database.

Technical Assistance

For technical assistance on data submission, email or call 1-888-324-9790.

Request Hospital Data for Research

Researchers may gain authorized access to de-identified data files from the Hospital Database to help answer important health services research questions related to patient safety.

Hospital survey data may be granted to researchers who submit an application and sign a data use agreement that ensures the confidentiality of the data. Researchers are invited to submit applications for specific analysis projects to the Research Datasets Group for review and approval.

For more information about the hospital research data, please contact or call 1-888-324-9749.