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Spill Report (KS Form A)Spill Report (KS Form A)
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SARA Title III Electronic Spill Notification:

Prior to submission of a spill report, VERBAL NOTIFICATION must be made to the Local
Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC), Commission on Emergency Planning & Response
(CEPR) and the National Response Center (NRC) if required.

Submission is required in compliance with Kansas Statutes Annotated Chapter 65 Article 57
Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know, which includes K.S.A. 65-5722 and
K.S.A. 65-5709.

The Kansas Division of Emergency Management—Technological Hazards Branch is now hosted by WebEOC.
A new username and password will need to be created prior to entering a spill.
To acquire your new username and password please contact:
Marlo Tangney at 785-274-1409 or email to

Printable Form A


To find out if the chemical you are reporting is an EPCRA or CERCLA Chemical you may go HERE If you do not find the chemical you are searching for and know it is hazardous, please follow through with the spill notification process. For complete details on spill notification requirements for the State of Kansas, please go to State of Kansas Hazardous Materials Emergency Notification Requirements Guidance. For complete information on the Kansas Division of Emergency Management — Technological Hazards Branch go HERE