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New York State Education Department

State Aid Office Mission: To determine and distribute the correct amount of State Aid to public school districts and BOCES in a timely manner, and provide accurate and timely data for use in State Aid projections.

Latest News

2016-17 State Aid Output Reports now available within SAMS and to the Public

2016-17 Description of Payment Schedule for General State Aid Payments Combined Fixed and Individualized Payment schedule with a Sustaining Spring Advance.
2016-17 Payment Schedule Description
Final Building Aid Statewide Average Interest Rate based on debt incurred by districts between 7/1/15 and 6/30/16.
Building Aid Statewide Average Interest Rate
Chart of Mandated Payment Dates and Sections of Law
Mandated Payment Dates and Sections of Law (Updated 10/20/2016)

Urgent/Time Sensitive
State Aid for the Testing of Water for Potential Lead Contamination and Installation of Effective Measures for Immediate Remediation

Districts must report 2015-16 actual and 2016-17 projected expenditures for water testing and remediation on the new 2016-17 SAMS Form FB Schedule W which is now listed with other Form FB schedules on the SAMS Forms menu. This new schedule supplements the SAMS software version released in July 2016, and must be completed as part of the district’s 2016-17 Form FB submission, even if the district’s Form FB has already been certified, and even if it has already been ‘Cleaned’ or ‘Cleaned with Issues’  for inclusion in the November 2016 frozen data file. (Districts that already certified the SAMS Form FB must use SAMS revision process to complete the new Form FB Schedule W).

Testing and remediation expenses as reported on the new SAMS Form FB Schedule W must be included in the November frozen data file. Please complete and submit Form FB Schedule W no later than Tuesday, October 25th, 2016. (Earlier submission greatly appreciated.)

Late-Filed Independent Audits

Impact of late filed Independent Audits on State Aid Payments
Memo and Application for Spreading Overpayment Deductions Over Three Years Pursuant to Education Law 3604(5)
Memo to Superintendents of Public School Districts and District Superintendents (pdf 15 KB)
Application for Three Year Overpayment Recovery (pdf 5 KB)


Last Updated: November 18, 2016