Participating in Simplified Acquisitions at NRL

Our Procurement Authority

The Supply and Information Services Division, Code 3400, specifically the Purchasing Branch, Code 3410, processes NRL procurements falling under the simplified acquisition authorities.  The simplified acquisition authorities authorize awards for procurements less than or equal to $150K on the open market, firm fixed price procurements for supplies, materials or services available through the Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program and other indefinite-delivery type contracts. Procurements exceeding this authority are the responsibility of the NRL Contracting Division, Code 3200. 

Getting Started

If you would like to be considered for future procurement opportunities, email your company information to or mail to:

Naval Research Laboratory
Purchasing, Code 3410
4555 Overlook Avenue
Washington, D.C.  20375-5000

Additionally, Purchasing, NRL Code 3410, has set aside Monday mornings as "Vendor Days" to allow contractors/vendors an opportunity to visit and meet the Contracting Officers/Purchasing Agents.   Mondays during the month of September as well as those during Christmas Holidays are excluded.

Please contact the Receptionist at (202) 767-9288 to schedule an appointment.  

How to Respond to Solicitations

All Requests for Quotations (RFQs) issued by the Supply and Information Services Division will be posted on this website for download by potential quoters.   The RFQs are in PDF format and are viewable with the Adobe Acrobat Reader.   Amendments to these RFQs will also be posted on this website for download. 

If you choose to participate in a particular solicitation it is your responsibility to check this website on a regular basis.   This will ensure that you receive any amendments that are issued to a particular RFQ that you may have interest in.

Questions regarding any RFQs should be addressed to the Contracting Officer at the fax number stated in the RFQ or via email to .   Please reference the RFQ number on the subject line of the email.  Any questions must be submitted to the Contracting Officer at least five (5) working days in advance of the closing date for the RFQ.

The answers to any questions that are submitted will be provided to all potential quoters in the form of an amendment to the RFQ posted on this website.

The submission of all responses to RFQs posted on this site must be in writing by the closing date, time and the place specified in the RFQ.

Current Solicitations (combined synopsis/solicitations are listed below)

RFQ Number Issue Date Amendment Issue Date Current Closing Date Description View

Combined Synopsis/Solicitation

The following combined synopsis/solicitation have been posted to the Federal Business Opportunities (  The FedBizOps notice also provides instructions for preparing and submitting quotations.  No written solicitation will be issued.  This information is provided for your convenience.

Solicitation Number  Date Posted        Title Response Date
N00173-16-Q-0001 10/2/15 Electronic LED Signs 10/13/15
N00173-16-Q-0002 10/6/15 Street Sweeping 10/20/15
N00173-16-Q-0004 10/5/15 Software 10/19/15
N00173-16-Q-0010 10/15/15 Meter Antenna 11/6/15
N00173-16-Q-0011 10/15/15 Metal Space Frame Radome 11/6/15
N00173-16-Q-0017 10/23/15 Antenna Control System 11/6/15
N00173-16-Q-0018 10/30/15 Metal Space Frame Radome 11/13/15
N00173-16-Q-0019 10/23/15 LASR Plant Maintenance 11/6/15
N00173-16-Q-0019A 11/17/15 LASR Plant Maintenance 11/26/15
N00173-16-Q-0031 11/2/15 Attenuator Modules 11/17/15
N00173-16-Q-0033 11/3/15 Adapters, Cable Assembly, and Coupler 11/17/15
N00174-16-Q-0034 11/4/15 Diplexer and Notch Filters 11/19/15
N00173-16-Q-0035 10/28/15 Junction Boxes 11/10/15
N00173-16-Q-0036 10/29/15 Maintenance on Audio Equipment 11/12/15
N00173-16-Q-0036A 11/27/15 Maintenance on Audio Equipment 12/14/15
N00173-16-Q-0042A 3/15/16 Station Air Compressor Mainenance Contract 3/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0045 11/17/15 NRL System 3 w 11 Slots 12/1/15
N00173-16-Q-0049 11/23/15 Surface Pro 4 & Accessories 12/7/15
N00173-16-Q-0054 11/23/15 Cable Assemblies 12/10/15
N00173-16-Q-0078 12/21/15 Replace Exterior Lights w/LED Daylight Lights 1/4/16
N00173-16-Q-0088 1/8/16 Mesa PIV 532-120-M Dual Pulse Lasers 1/19/16
N00173-16-Q-0093 12/22/15 Solidscape 3D Wax Printer 1/5/16
N00173-16-Q-0102 1/7/16 Semi System W/2 MPSMU & FPD Semiconductor 1/21/16
N00173-16-Q-0106 12/23/15 Microwave Sigint Dual Channel Tuner 1/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0129 1/14/16 Software License 1/28/16 
N00173-16-Q-0135 1/20/16 Server 2/3/16
N00173-16-Q-0144 1/8/16 GHZ Probe Station 1/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0154 2/11/16 40G Network Infrastructure Upgrade 2/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0155 2/11/16 Human/Machine Interface Support 2/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0157 2/12/16 Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier & Threshold Detector 2/26/16
N00173-16-Q-0160 2/11/16 LWIR Sensor 2/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0164 2/17/16 Hardware 3/2/16
N00173-16-Q-0170 2/24/16 GPS Transmitters & Receivers 3/10/16
N00173-16-Q-0182 3/4/16 X-Band Feeds 3/14/16
N00173-16-Q-0189 3/2/16 Four Channel IF Conditioner Units 3/17/16
N00173-16-Q-0192 3/3/16 High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors 3/18/16
N00173-16-Q-0193 3/4/16 Rapid Thermal Annealing System 3/21/16
N00173-16-Q-0196 3/8/16 Electron Spectrometer with 7 Channel Detection 3/23/16
N00173-16-Q-0197 3/7/16 Scroll Pump 3/21/16
N00173-16-Q-0198 3/8/16 Chlorine-Based Inductively Coupled Plasma Etch System 3/23/16
N00173-16-Q-0199 3/8/16 Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD) System 3/23/16
N00173-16-Q-0200 3/8/16 Sputter System 3/23/16
N00173-16-Q-0203 3/8/16 Dual Chamber Sputter Deposition System 3/23/16
N00173-16-Q-0204 3/7/16 Leibert Model DS053WDA0El038A A/C Unit 3/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0205 3/10/16 Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) System for Oxides 3/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0208 3/14/16 Laser Fusing 3D Metal Printer 3/29/16
N00173-16-Q-0209 3/10/16 Reactor for Atomic Layer Deposition of Oxides, Metal and Semiconductors 3/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0215 3/14/16 iHawk Rack Mount System-Components, Software & Maintenance 3/29/16
N00173-16-Q-0218 3/16/16 Support Of XFC Program 3/31/16
N00173-16-Q-0221 3/21/16 Hyster Cushion Tire Electric Forklift 3/31/16
N00173-16-Q-0222 3/18/16 UVM-1 Microscope and Parts 4/1/16
N00173-16-Q-0229 3/23/16 Sweep Sine/Multi Sine Measurement Equipment 4/7/16
N00173-16-Q-0229A 4/21/16 Solartron Analytical Swept Sine/Multi Sine Measurement Equipment 4/28/16
N00173-16-Q-0234 5/9/16 Roofing Material for Bldg 1005 5/23/16
N00173-16-Q-0236 3/25/16 Tape Library Upgrade 4/8/16
N00173-16-Q-0238 4/22/16 Computer, Server and Enterprise License 5/9/16
N00173-16-Q-0242 4/6/16 Computer Hardware 4/20/16
N00173-16-Q-0246A 4/25/16 Helium Cadmium Laser Head 5/2/16
N00173-16-Q-0251 4/26/16 3-D Printer 5/11/16
N00173-16-Q-0252 4/22/16 Install Door Actuators 5/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0259 4/13/16 Pulse Magnetron Transmitter 4/28/16
N00173-16-Q-0261 5/3/16 Electrodnynamic Shaker System 5/11/16
N00173-16-Q-0262 4/19/16 Thermal Evaporator 5/3/16
N00173-16-Q-0263 4/14/16 CTO Server & Components/Accessories 4/28/16
N00173-16-Q-0268 4/22/16 Time Transfer Modem 5/7/16
N00173-16-Q-0268A 5/11/16 Time Transfer Modem 5/26/16
N00173-16-Q-0270 4/22/16 CVN Install Parts 5/9/16
N00173-16-Q-0274 4/20/16 Golden Eye Camera & Accessories 5/4/16
N00173-16-Q-0275 4/22/16 Amplifiers, Attenuators, and Bandpass Filters 5/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0277 4/27/16 Digital Scope 5/10/16
N00173-16-Q-0278 4/25/16 Mill and Lathe 5/9/16
N00173-16-Q-0284 5/4/16 Aberdeen Server Stirling Storage Server 5/11/16
N00173-16-Q-0286 4/28/16 Gas Analysis System 5/13/16
N00173-16-Q-0287 5/10/16 Acoustic Ophic Frequency Shifters & Accessories 5/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0289 4/29/16 Cisco MX700 Dual Cameras 5/14/16
N00173-16-Q-0291 5/11/16 Web amd Database System Development Services 5/24/16
N00173-16-Q-0295 5/2/11 Image Plate Scanner 5/16/16
N00173-16-Q-0297 5/4/16 Dynamic Spectrum Environment Emulator System 5/19/16
N00173-16-Q-0299 5/4/16 Microwave Tuner 5/19/16
N00173-16-Q-0305 5/5/16 Keysight PNA Microwave Network Analyzer Upgrades 5/20/16
N00173-16-Q-0311 5/11/16 Metal Alloys 5/26/16
N00173-16-Q-0313 5/11/16 40G Network Infrastructure Upgrade 5/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0316 5/24/16 Resodyn Spray Panels 6/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0318 5/13/16 Non-Magnetic Optical Table 5/20/16
N00173-16-Q-0322 5/23/16 Tunable Diode Laser Systems 6/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0323 5/19/16 Impedance Analyzer 6/3/16
N00173-16-Q-0333 5/23/16 Optiplex 7040 6/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0335 6/7/16 Directional Converters 6/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0339 6/1/16 Forklift Rental 6/16/16
N00173-16-Q-0365 6/21/16 Programmable Optical Filter 7/5/16
N00173-16-Q-0367 6/17/16 Liquid Particle Counting System 7/5/16
N00173-16-Q-0380 6/29/16 Liquid Roofing Material 7/15/16
N00173-16-Q-0387 7/8/16 Wavemeter 7/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0388 7/8/16 NETAPP Disk Shelf with 24 6TB Disk for 7544 7/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0390 7/9/16 Aluminum Nitride 7/26/16
N00173-16-Q-0391 7/11/16 Receiver & Compements 7/25/16
N00173-16-Q-0392 7/8/16 Vacuum Valves 7/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0393 7/7/16 EpiReady Wafers 7/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0393A 8/1/16 EpiReady Wafers 8/16/16
N00173-16-Q-0395 7/18/16 Ethernal Slowlight Laser Imodule 8/1/16
N00173-16-Q-0401 7/13/16 Wire Mesh Ground Screen 7/19/16
N00173-16-Q-0403 7/14/16 Oscilloscopes 7/28/16
N00173-16-Q-0408 7/19/16 NETAPP Disk Shelves 8/3/16
N00173-16-Q-0411 8/1/16 Perform an Air Balancing of the HVAC Unit 8/16/16
N00173-16-Q-0412 7/18/16 Quantum Scalar i6000 Upgrade 8/2/16
N00173-16-Q-0413 7/25/16 MOCVD Growth System 8/9/16
N00173-16-Q-0414 7/18/16 Nanochem Purifier and Manifold 8/1/16
N00173-16-Q-0419 7/21/16 Storage Expansion for Coamps 8/4/16
N00173-16-Q-0422 8/16/16 Thermal Evaporation System 8/31/16
N00173-16-Q-0423 7/26/16 Cisco Direct Switches and Accessories 8/10/16
N00173-16-Q-0424 7/26/16 Internal Newtork Monitoring Equipment 8/10/16
N00173-16-Q-0431 8/1/16 Cisco SmartNet 8/15/16
N00173-16-Q-0432 8/3/16 Single Crystal Ring 8/18/16
N00173-16-Q-0434 8/3/16 VDI/Erickson Millimeter Wave Power 8/17/16
N00173-16-Q-0438 8/4/16 Switches & Firewall Equipment/Components 8/19/16
N00173-16-Q-0441 8/4/16 Closed-Cycle Optical Cryostat for Microscopy 8/19/16
N00173-16-Q-0443 8/9/16 Dell Latittude E5470 8/20/16
N00173-16-Q-0444 8/5/16 Imaging Processing Software and Support 8/22/16
N00173-16-Q-0452 8/12/16 Server Storage System 8/29/16
N00173-16-Q-0453 8/11/16 Transponder System 8/26/16
N00173-16-Q-0458 8/17/16 Ultra High Speed Spectrometer 8/31/16
N00173-16-Q-0465 8/17/16 UXA Signal Analyzer 8/31/16
N00173-16-Q-0467 8/11/16 Millimeter Wave Components 8/26/16
N00173-16-Q-0469 8/12/16 Filament MSRadiocarbon Natural Abundance Analysis 8/29/16
N00173-16-Q-0473 8/17/16 Shock Machines and Inertia Table 9/1/16
N00173-16-Q-0478 8/17/16 Digital Microscope 8/31/16
N00173-16-Q-0489 8/19/16 COMSOL Software 9/2/16
N00173-16-Q-0496 8/22/16 IT Equipment 9/5/16
N00173-16-Q-0505 8/29/16 CST Studio Software Additional Modules 9/13/16
N00173-16-Q0511 8/29/16 Vertex M Gas Detection System 9/13/16
N00173-16-Q-0512 8/29/16 NETAPP Storage System 9/13/16
N00173-16-Q-0514 8/23/16 Transmittance & Software 9/6/16
N00173-16-Q-0515 8/29/16 MS Surface Hardware & 4K Display Monitors 9/13/16
N00173-16-Q-0521 8/29/16 Molecular Beam Epitaxy Optical Metrology System 9/13/16
N00173-16-Q-0525 8/28/16 Antenna Scope System 9/12/16
N00173-16-Q-0530 8/28/16 Arbitrary Waveform Generator 9/12/16
N00173-16-Q-0541 8/29/16 Quality Advisor Software License 9/13/16
N00173-16-Q-0548 8/30/16 Hydrophones 9/14/16
n00173-16-Q-0552 8/30/16 Virtex-6 FPGA ML605 Evaluation Kit 9/14/16
N00173-16-Q-0553 8/31/16 Wave Glider SV3 Development Kit 9/14/16
N00173-16-Q-0558 9/1/16 Optical Spectrum Analyzer 9/15/16
N00173-16-Q-0563 8/29/16 Dell Server 9/12/16
N00173-16-Q-0564 8/25/16 Dell Storage 9/8/16
N00173-16-Q-0565 8/26/16 Circuit Board 9/10/16
N00173-16-Q-0566 8/29/16 Underwater Acoustic Imaging System 9/13/16
N00173-17-Q-0016 10/31/16 Instrument to Detect and Measure Fog Dorp Spectra 11/14/16
N00173-17-Q-0020 11/4/16 Antenna Array 11/10/16
N00173-17-Q-0032 11/8/16 Electrolyte Fuel Cell Stack 11/18/16


Notice to Unsuccessful Vendors

Notification to unsuccessful contractors/vendors will only be given if requested. When a contractor/vendor requests information on an award, which was based on factors other than price alone, the notification will include a brief explanation of the basis for the contract award decision, but will not include a point by point comparison with the successful quote.

NRL Purchase Card Program

NRL promotes a highly successful purchase card program with over 300 cardholders. Our cardholders represent scientists, engineers, support personnel and contracting officers.  For additional information about participating in the purchase card program please contact our Agency Program Coordinator, via e-mail or phone at (202) 404-8165.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if the items or services that I quote on are not the same as those requested?

If a contractor/vendor has offered something different than the NRL requester has asked for, the Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent will work with the requester to determine if the substituted item(s) or service(s) are acceptable.

What if I am unable to meet the required delivery, but I quote the best price?

The Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent will contact the NRL requester for the purpose of determining if the delivery date quoted would be acceptable. If the requester relaxes the required delivery date, then all contractors/vendors originally solicited will have to be notified of this relaxed requirement and be permitted to submit a new quote.

How long does it take to award a purchase order after the closing date of the RFQ?

It is the responsibility of the NRL requester to evaluate the technical aspects of a quotation and determine the contractor's/vendor's compliance or non-compliance with the specification requirements. After receipt of quotes, the entire quotation package, exclusive of prices, is forwarded to the requester for a written evaluation. This usually takes only a matter of a few days.

Does the lowest quoter always get the award?

Contracting Officers/Purchasing Agents may evaluate quotations based on price alone or price and other factors (e.g. past performance or quality). If quotes are evaluated on price and other factors, these other factors will be identified and made clear in the RFQ.

Are discounts offered by a contractor in his quote considered in the evaluation?

Often times, contractors/vendors are sometimes willing to extend discounts based on quantity. The buyer will take this type of discount into consideration in the evaluation of the quoted price prior to award. However, prompt payment discounts offered, while greatly appreciated, cannot be considered in the evaluation of quotes.


Points of Contact

Reach us by email:

General inquiries:

Specific solicitation questions:

Payment by Credit Card:
Submit invoices per Block 19 of the purchase order or contact for assistance.

Other payment methods inquires:
Submit invoices per Block 19 of the purchase order or contact for assistance.

Reach us by phone:

Small Purchase (General) (202) 767-9288
Purchasing Branch Head (202) 767-2303
Deputy Supply Officer (202) 767-3778
Supply Officer (202) 767-3446

  Small Business Participation

Open market acquisitions with an anticipated value greater than $3500 are set aside by law exclusively for small businesses regardless of the procurement vehicle.   The NRL Supply and Information Services Division has very stringent small business participation goals that we make every effort to meet.   Small business participation in the procurement process, here at NRL, continues to grow. 

For more information visit the U.S. Small Business Administration at SBA.Gov


Proposed Acquisitions between $25,000.01 and $150,000 will be synopsized on the Federal Business Opportunities Website for 15 days prior to solicitation.   The Contracting Officer will consider each individual procurement as to its complexity, availability and urgency when establishing the response time to the RFQ. 


The System for Award Management (SAM) is a free web site that consolidates the capabilitites you used to find in CCR/FedReg, ORCA and EPLS.   All Contractors must be registered in SAM. 

User guides and helpful hints for SAM can be found at the Service Desk:

 Contractors On-Site

Requirements for On-Site Contractors

 Closed RFQs

Closed RFQs FY15

Links of Interest

Federal Bus Opportunities (FedBizOpps)
NRL Contracting Division
Small Business Administration (SBA)
System for Award Management (SAM)