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Available Courses

  • The Long Term Care (LTC) Challenge is an innovative approach to help you stay up to date on policies and procedures - making your job easier so that we can keep serving Maryland's families in need. We are giving prizes to the best performers, so do your best
  • The SNAP Challenge is an innovative approach to helping you stay up to date on policies and procedures - making your job easier so that we can keep serving Maryland families in need.
  • Learning Objectives
    This module teaches the importance of strong passwords and their importance in protecting your online transactions.

    Participants will learn the following
    • The characteristics of an ideal password
    • The number of characters to user
    • Tips on Password reuse
    • How often you change your password
    • Keyboard characters to use in your password
  • Learning Objectives
    The learning objectives for this module are to enable participants to:
    • Identify and discuss the vast amount of data available to the Child Support Enforcement community.
    • Discuss the need to protect the public’s information.
    • Identify and discuss to whom the Child Support Enforcement Program is accountable.
    • Describe the impact that employees have on security issues in the Child Support Enforcement Program.
  • This Basic Course is the first of a three-part training on Microsoft Excel. The entire training is focused on designing spreadsheets, building formulas and functions, and using spreadsheet publishing techniques.

    This Basic Course goes over the foundations of Excel, involving simple functions, various uses of tabs, cell formatting, and basic formulas. Students will have the opportunity to practice at their own pace with assigned data sets. Before moving to the next level, the instructor and students will reconvene for a question and answer session. Upon successful completion of this course, students will receive a certificate.

    Registration and Orientation
    The registration period for this course will be open until Wednesday, February 27th or until fifty (50) slots have been taken. There will be a waitlist, and you will be notified if you are approved to take the course. Additional information will be located on Knowledge Base.

    Each course will be instructor-led via WebEx. There will be a mandatory course orientation one week prior to each class, on Wednesday, February 27th. The orientation will cover the technical requirements for the course.
  • The CSEA Challenge is an an innovative training approach that will provide you with a heightened understanding of case processing. New challenges are posted every two weeks. To get started, click the link to register and create an account.
  • Focusing on internal and external service, the Customer Service Challenge is a series of questions based on the Customer Service 101 training designed to help us continue to provide an exemplary level of service to our customers and fellow employees.

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