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Welcome to the Web Page of Wisconsin Task Force One Urban Search and Rescue!

Wisconsin Task Force1 (WI-TF1) is an Urban Search and Rescue response task force designed to provide a coordinated response to disasters in urban environments. Emphasizing the location and extrication of victims trapped in collapsed structures, confined spaces, or trenches in largely populated areas, the task force will be capable of responding to State and National disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, widespread tornadoes, and man-made technological and terrorist events.  Wisconsin Task Force 1 US&R Task Force is the ESF-9 response asset owned & managed by the State of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Emergency Management.

The mission of Wisconsin Task Force 1 (WI-TF1) is to assist stricken communities (or regions) who have been overwhelmed with the effects of an emergency by providing specialized resources to aid the jurisdiction(s) in hazard mitigation, search and rescue and incident stabilization for responder activities.  The focus of this system is to provide both “quick strike” capabilities and the ability to sustain operations for a minimum of 72-hours to ensure maximum survivability of trapped victims.