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A thought from Joseph Smith:

Since I have been engaged in laying the foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have been prevented in various ways from continuing my journal and history in a manner satisfactory to myself or in justice to the cause. Long imprisonments, vexatious and long-continued law suits, the treachery of some of my clerks, the death of others, and the poverty of myself and brethren from continued plunder and driving, have prevented my handing down to posterity a connected memorandum of events desirable to all lovers of truth; yet I have continued to keep up a journal in the best manner my circumstances would allow, and dictate for my history from time to time, as I have had opportunity so that the labors and suffering of the first Elders and Saints of this last kingdom might not wholly be lost to the world.

History of the Church, Vol.4, Ch.27, p.470

Table of Contents:

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  • A thought from Joseph Smith
  • Why this page was created
  • Published LDS writers -- We've added a few names!
  • LDS Journalism Resources
  • LDS History Resources
  • Other Journalism Resources -- now includes leading Journalism newsgroups
  • Other LDS Resources
  • About the Editor
  • The Future of This Page

  • Why this page was created

    The intro: Welcome to Mormon-J: The LDS Journal-list. These pages were created for LDS writers as a guide to both LDS-oriented journalism resources and LDS historic journals. You'll also find here links to the best resources for professional journalists, and links to other LDS sources unrelated to journalism.

    The theory: Journalism in all its forms -- newspaper and magazine reporting, essays, journals and diaries -- has been the mechanism by which we've kept a history of our society. These pages celebrate the contributions of those who keep the history of the Latter-day Saints by writing it down every day.

    The practice: It's also a gathering place for those who write as Mormons, even when our subject matter turns to computers, business, law, crime, sci-fi ... for every writer tells a little more of our culture in everything he writes.

                                                                           Updated: Friday, 24 January 1997

    LDS Writers

    Published LDS Writers on the Internet. Our expanded list now merits a page of its own! Stop by our Who's Who of Mormon Writers and Authors!

                                                                           Updated: Friday, 24 January 1997

    LDS Journalism Resources

    Literature and news sources with an LDS perspective. It's now on its own page. Click on the hyperlink to find:
  • Essays and thoughts on Mormonism and Journalism
  • LDS Periodicals
  • LDS Publishers
  • Mormon Literature
  • Events
  • Book sellers

                                                                           Updated: Friday, 24 January 1997

    LDS History Resources

    You'll find here actual historical documents and their home pages. Click on the link to view:
  • LDS Journals and Biographies On-Line
  • Other LDS Historical Documents

                                                                           Updated: Monday, 3 February 1997

    Other Journalism Resources

    Tools, competitions, employment for writers. Our expanded list of journalism links and job listings now merits a page of its own. Here's what you'll find there:
  • Journalism employment
  • Journalism newsgroups
  • Competitions and associations
  • News sources
  • Writers' library
  • Writers' tools

                                                                           Updated: January 1997

    Other LDS Resources

    Links to all things LDS. Click on the hyperlink to find:
  • LDS Web pages
  • Scholarly and Academic Research
  • Doctrinal Discourse
  • The Mormon Experience
  • LDS Newsgroups

  • About the Editor:

    LauraMaery Gold and her husband Dan Post edit and write for magazines and newspapers around the world. Click here to visit their library. Visit the Writerspost.Com home page for more information about their writing and editing services.

    The Future of This Page:

  • These pages will be expanded to include even more links to editorial job listings. Full-time, part-time, freelance... Contact us if you have additional sources -- or if you need a writer!
  • If you have electronic copies of historic (read: Pioneer or pre-1940) journals, this is the place to make it known. We hope to create an archive of these documents at some point in the future, but for now, we'll include links to your address.
  • If you're a published LDS writer, drop us a note. We'll happily create links to your home page or e-mail address. Eventually, we hope to establish a full-fledged LDS writers group.
  • If you want us to include other LDS journalism or history links, let us know! This page will be regularly updated.
  • This is how you can contact us:
    LauraMaery Gold, Editor, Mormon-J

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