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3d Marine Division


3d Marine Division

The Fightin' Third

Okinawa, Japan
3d Marine Division Leaders

Sergeant Major Vincent C. Santiago
Sergeant Major

Colonel Michael L. Kuhn
Assistant Division Commander

Major General Richard L. Simcock II
Commanding General
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General: As Pacific Grows More Unstable, the Fight is Coming
Hope Hodge Seck | Military.com | November 18, 2016
With uncertain new leadership in allied countries and the sabre-rattling of hostile states growing louder, Marines in the Pacific are being prepared for a coming conflict.


Blue Chromite exercise brings Marine Corps back to its Pacific roots after years in the desert
Matthew M. Burke | Stars and Stripes | November 14, 2016
This year, the exercise was designed to bring the Corps back to its Pacific roots after over a decade in the desert, focusing on lightning-quick expeditionary operations where stealth and camouflage are the keys to success.


Marines Practice Expeditionary Advance Base Operations In Exercise Blue Chromite In Japan
Megan Eckstein | USNI News | November 4, 2016
Amphibious forces in the Pacific practiced a “back to the future” tactic of seizing advance naval bases and conducting maneuver warfare during exercise Blue Chromite in Okinawa, Japan, exercise leaders told USNI News.

3rd Marine Division displays its rich history on Okinawa
Matthew M. Burke | Stars and Stripes | September 19, 2016
Marine Sgt. Maj. Vincent Santiago owes everything in this world to the rain and the 3rd Marine Division.

More Marines are training to fight in the jungle
Jeff Schogol | Marine Corps Times | August 28, 2016
After years of fighting in deserts, more Marines are sharpening their jungle warfare skills — and the training is intensifying.

RIMPAC wraps up with amphibious assaults in Hawaii, Calif.
Wyatt Olson | Stars and Stripes | July 31, 2016            

The Rim of the Pacific exercise staged amphibious assaults in Hawaii and Southern California on Saturday, the finale of the biennial naval exercise that included more than two dozen nations.

US, Korean Marines Train to Maintain Long-Distance Relationship
Kim Gamel | Stars and Stripes | July 11, 2016
Long-distance relationships don’t always work. But the U.S. and Korean marines think they have found a winning formula.

Caltrap News Snapshot
Blue Chromite 2017: Meat Eater By Cpl. Tyler Ngiraswei | November 16, 2016
"Fastest Gunner in the World" By Lance Cpl. Amaia Unanue | August 16, 2016
RIMPAC 16: U.S. Marines, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force team up for beach landing By Staff Sgt. Jesse R. Stence | July 31, 2016
On order, 3d Marine Division conducts amphibious, forcible entry operations or sustained, combined arms land operations with strategic partners and allies as an integral part of III MEF within the Pacific Theater Area of Operations (AO) in support of national security objectives.

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