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SAF/GCR is currently without an ADR Director; however our office still standsby to assist your ADR needs. Please contact us at if you need assistance.

Mediation Compendium


The Air Force Alternative Dispute Resolution Program, administered by the Conflict Resolution Division (SAF/GCR) of the Air Force General Counsel's Office, matches individual ADR needs with Air Force ADR resources, training and experts, and serves as the flagship ADR Program of the federal government.

ADR for Workplace Disputes


AFI 51-1201, ADR in Workplace Disputes (17 March 2014). Implements Air Force ADR policy, AFPD 51-12, in workplace disputes.

Voluntary Mediator Certification Program (Revision 6 February 2012). Newly revised guidelines for voluntary certification of Air Force collateral duty mediators.

Guidance for Mediators on Union Participation in EEO Mediations (March 3, 2003). SAF/GCR guidance to mediators on the effect of the court of appeals decision in AFGE v. Dover AFB (D.C. Cir 2003) regarding union participation rights in EEO mediations.

ADR for Contract Controversies & Disputes


Federal Acquisition Regulation (Part 33.2)

Air Force Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (Part 5333.2)


Contract Impasse Report. Contracting Officer tool to implement AFFARS 5333.2 reporting requirements.

ADR Agreements. Sample and existing agreements regarding the use of ADR.

ADR Training. Guidance for acquisition professionals on the governance of acquisition ADR.

ADR Deskbook for Acquisition Professionals. Guidance for acquisition professionals on the conduct of ADR in contract controversies and disputes.


The new Quick Series (QS) 20-page pocket guide for ADR in the Workplace is now available.

Each ADR Program office will receive a limited amount from our office to assist you in marketing your program. The guide features benefits of ADR, the Air Force mediation process, mediator standards of conduct, confidentiality, and more!

To ensure ADR Program offices receive guides, please email the GCR workflow at

Additional guides can be purchased through the QS GSA contract with unit funds.

Quick Series Publishing (
Contract #: GS-02F-0276P / Schedule 76
Product Code: 01-0943-023-01, ISBN 974-1-623-50605-6
Pricing: 1-249 ($3.61); 250-499 ($3.51); 500-999 ($3.41); 1,000-2,499 ($3.31)