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SAM Overview

While visiting SAM, you will gain a working level understanding of the Seven Steps to Acquisition Services.
SAM’s structured content helps you develop the fundamentals of your contract, including Performance Work Statement (PWS), Statement of Objectives (SOO), and Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP).
If you are interested in learning about the Seven Steps to the Services Acquisition Process, click on the tabs under the Mall Map to the left.

Welcome to SAM,

DAU’s Service Acquisition Mall. SAM is intended to help you get your job done by providing usable tools and templates to create your performance-based service acquisition requirements. The Mall consists of “Wings” and "Stores" that contain information related to categories of service.

For further information regarding DoD Services Acquisition policy, please visit the Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, Services Acquisition website.

Move your mouse over the elements of the Mall Map to discover what is available in SAM. Enter a Wing or Kiosk by simply clicking on the appropriate space.