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Welcome to the State of Wisconsin Enterprise Management Development Academy web site!  

Mission:   To develop and enrich future state managers and supervisors who are diverse, global-thinking, visionary, and committed to excellence in state government.

"EMDA - Developing Collaborative, Dedicated Management
for Wisconsin’s Future"

The State of Wisconsin, in collaboration with the Wisconsin Certified Public Manager(R) (CPM) program, welcomes you to the Enterprise Management Development Academy (EMDA) web site.

Wisconsin state government is committed to becoming a leader in management and leadership development. The EMDA is the newest phase of the State’s expanded enterprise management and leadership training programs.  The goal of EMDA is to provide aspiring and new state supervisors/managers with enhanced learning opportunities to become effective, inclusive and innovative managers. 

The first EMDA program launched in October, 2007.  It offers a series of management classes that focus on developing knowledge, skills, and cross-agency networking. Building cross-agency networks allows participants to collaboratively problem-solve common issues, as well as creating lifetime working relationships.

See the menu of links for more information about the EMDA program.  Don't forget to check back for updates as more details are finalized for the EMDA program.

NOTE:  The fifth EMDA program will begin in March, 2016. The deadline for applications/nominations is January 27, 2016.


Click here for information about the Enterprise Leadership Academy (ELA), our enhanced leadership training program for State of Wisconsin managers with advanced experience.  (ELA is generally for state managers/supervisors who are at or above the 81-03 level (or equivalent) with at least 5 years of management experience.)  Visit the ELA site for more details: http://www.ela.wi.gov