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- Five Pillars of Strong Europe -
Empowering Junior Leaders

A leadership laboratory where junior leaders thrive in a complex environment executing a full range of tactical to strategic operations | More

NCO Academy | MacArthur Awards | Vollrath Awards
National Guard and Reserve Component

Integration of the Guard and Army Reserve forces into the U.S. Army Europe team plays a vital role in boosting the land force capability and making 30,000 Soldiers look and feel like 300,000 | More

State Partnership Program | National Guard | Reserve
Allies & Partners

Working with our allies and partner nations is the normal way to operate in Europe, and contributes to strengthening our alliance as part of the NATO Collective Defense | More

U.S. Army NATO Brigade | Exercises

Regionally Allocated Forces

U.S. Army Europe leads the Army by leveraging the European Rotational Force and multiple rotational aligned units, demonstrating the Army's power projection capability | More

Army Capabilities Integration Center | Atlantic Resolve
Dynamic Presence

U.S. Army Europe's culture is living the eight tenets of Army Operations: initiative, simultaneity, depth, adaptability, endurance, lethality, mobility and innovation | More

Exercises | 7th Army Training Command

Last updated: November 23, 2016

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