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Welcome to the Department of Interior’s (DOI)

Fire Integrated Recruitment Employment Systems (FIRES) website. 

FIRES is a secure web-based recruitment system that allows you to apply for temporary fire positions within the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the National Park Service (NPS) online.


Common Mistakes When Applying to DOI FIRES Vacancies:

Not completing the application process

After you have selected “Finished” and are automatically redirected back to USAJOBS you have completed the application process.  Be sure to follow all of the steps in How to Apply


Applying to the wrong announcement

Please read job announcement completely to ensure you are applying to the job you want.


Applying to the wrong grade level

Please ensure you are qualified for the grade you are applying to.  Apply to the next grade level down to ensure you are considered for the job.


Failure to Fax/Upload required documentation by early consideration date or close date

Fax/Upload required documentation by early consideration date or close date.  For instructions on Faxing/Uploading click here.


Failure to Submit Supporting Documentation for IFPM postions; GS-5 and above only

Be sure to submit your IQCS Master Record or equivalent documentation; refer to the vacancy annoncement you applied to for more information.



    BLM Veteran Crew Information

To learn more about each of the DOI Agencies fire programs, select the desired agency logo below.


Department of the Interior
National Park Service
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Bureau of Indian Affairs
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National Interagency Fire Center