• USARPAC's Joint Task Force Homeland Defense joins interagency partners for Lightning Rescue 09.
  • JFHQ-NCR hosts conference
  • Military Command in DC Wins Civilian Law Enforcement Award

Interagency Coordination

The JFHQ Interagency provides intergovernmental expertise to support and facilitate the command's missions of homeland defense and support to civil authorities in the NCR JOA. Establish and develop intergovernmental contacts to strengthen operational relationships and procedures and to increase situational awareness.

It also facilitates interaction and involvement by command personnel with intergovernmental personnel and organizations. Another responsibility of the Interagency is to institute mechanisms (meetings, conferences and working groups) to improve coordination with federal, state and local government agencies and jurisdictions in dealing with issues and events of common interest and responsibility. And finally, to promote efforts in advance to synchronize activities with intergovernmental partners to ensure mutual understanding and unity of effort during special events and emergency operations.