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Pardons Board Meeting


Thursday, December 1, 2016

1:00 p.m.



Pardons Board Meeting


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

1:00 p.m.







The Pardons Board process can take 12 months or more.


Applications are processed according to the date they are received in the Nebraska Board of Pardons Office.

Applications will first be scheduled on the next available open docket for consideration of applications.


Dockets can close at any time.Applications are processed by the date they are received.

There is no guarantee that any application received will be scheduled for the most current docket available.As numerous applications are received daily, any application received can be postponed and scheduled for a future consideration meeting.


Please follow instructions closely, applications that are not completed according to the instructions will be returned and cause further delays in setting the case on a docket.


The Pardon Board process takes approximately two (2) meetings, depending if a hearing is granted or not.(1) A consideration of application meeting and (2) a hearing of granting or denying a pardon/reprieve, etc.


The Board of Pardons meets approximately eight (8) times a year.Four (4) of the meetings are to consider applications and to either grant or deny the applicant a hearing.Four (4) of the meetings are for full pardon hearings (if the applicant is granted a hearing) where the applicant must appear and present testimony regarding their case and the pardon/reprieve is either granted or denied.


Location Of Hearings and Considerations


State Capitol

Second Floor

†††† Governorís Hearing Room††

1445 K Street

Lincoln, Nebraska




How To Contact Our Office



Nebraska Board of Pardons

P.O. Box 94754

Lincoln, NE68509-4754












Victim/Witness Information

For inmate custody information call 1-877-634-8463 or click here






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