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Welcome to the Rhode Island Division of Purchases Website

The goal of the Division of Purchases is to obtain the best value for the taxpayer. This goal can be accomplished by providing an "equal playing field" for all potential vendors, enhancing opportunities for small businesses, minority/women owned businesses, and disability business enterprises, and by leveraging State purchasing power on all procurements.

Mailing Address for Bid Proposals issued by the State of Rhode Island, Division of Purchases

All Bid Proposals must be submitted to the following address:

State of Rhode Island
Department of Administration
Division of Purchases, 2nd Floor
One Capitol Hill
Providence, RI 02908-5855

Vendor Registration Information

Registering with the Division of Purchases currently* requires two steps.

1. Registration on RIVIP includes an online dashboard to watch solicitations for Division of Purchases issued solicitations and external postings.
Click here to login if you are already registered in RIVIP.

2. Registration in RIFANS. Click to download the supplier registration packet. Automatic email alerts for Division of Purchases issued solicitations can be set up via the RIFANS supplier portal. For vendors that have been awarded POs, benefits include: faster payment, the ability to submit invoices electronically and registration for ACH payment.

Supplier Registrations require manual review so please allow for processing during regular business hours.

*The State of Rhode Island is working to streamline this process

Comments and Suggestions

The Division of State Purchases welcomes your comments and suggestions about the purchasing process, bid proposals and alternative products and services.



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