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SAF/FM Mission

The Air Force Financial Management (FM) strategy flows directly from its mission and core values. The mission statement concisely articulates the overarching reason for our existence and FM's role within the larger Air Force. Air Force FM is comprised of a cadre of professionals whose mission is:

Maximize Resources for our Nation's Air Force

  • It means make the most impact by doing the most good with the resources we have..."make every dollar count"
  • It means we meet resource challenges by understanding the requirement, providing solid estimates and by being an honest broker. That means being bold, objective, and the right thing, every time
  • It means we are key advisors to our leadership as we balance limited resources against top priorities
  • It means we maximize resources for our leaders - timely, defendable information, analysis and recommendations
  • It means we deliver for our Airmen - timely and accurate they can focus on their job, not their pay
  • It means we deliver for our Air Force - audit readiness, accurate accounting and proven systems
  • It means we provide decision support. Understanding the need, gathering and analyzing the information, providing options and recommendations focused on improvements, focused on mission"

SAF/FM Vision

The Air Force FM community uses its vision to guide decision making across the organization. It provides a unified direction for our community summarizing what we strive to do every day. We strive for the:

Right Resources - Right Place, Right Time, Every Time

All of Air Force capability comes down to our ability to make it happen. That is, we are responsible for getting the right resources where they need to be, when they need to be here. We use every tool in our toolkit to make this happen:

Analysis / Decision Support / Relationships / Creativity / Service / Discipline / Flexibility / Focus / Credibility

FM is the Ultimate Force Multiplier!

Key Personnel

Mr. Douglas Bennett
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Management and Comptroller

Lt Col Corey Simmons (Email)
Military Assistant

CMSgt John A. Writer (Email)
Executive for Enlisted Matters