Save the Dream Ohio is now accepting applications from homeowners who were determined eligible for unemployment benefits on or after January 1, 2014. To learn if you qualify visit

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Foreclosure Prevention Resources

If you are in foreclosure, delinquent or fear you may miss a mortgage payment, click below for a list of available resources.

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Fraud Prevention

If you wish to report fraud related to the Save the Dream Ohio program, please click the button below.

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About Us

Save the Dream Ohio connects financially distressed homeowners with HUD-approved housing counseling agencies that help families avoid foreclosure.

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Help for Homeowners

Do you need foreclosure assistance? A trained professional can help explain the options available to you for keeping or exiting your home.

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Financial Resources

Learn more about lowering your monthly expenses, finding a job or training opportunity, repairing your credit, and creating a budget.

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Success Stories

Real stories from real people about how the Save the Dream Ohio program made a lasting impact for residents who were able to save their home.

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