• Overcoming challenges to make advanced “drop-in” biofuels a reality

  • Biothreat detection

    Hongyou Fan
  • Novel medical diagnostics and therapeutics

  • Biological solutions to critical energy and homeland security challenges

    Materials processing

A deep understanding of biological systems, along with the ability to predict and control their behaviors, will be critical to ensuring energy security, protecting our environment, and strengthening our nation’s defense against biothreats. Sandia research in two areas—biofuels and biodefense—aims to provide biological solutions to critical challenges in energy and homeland security.



Sandia has joined other researchers in the quest for clean and renewable sources of energy, widely seen as key to long-term independence and climate stability

Sandia researchers are working to achieve environmental goals and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil by developing next generation conversion technologies for creating "drop-in" transportation biofuels derived from both non-food plant sources and algae. Learn more about biofuels

Biodefense & Emerging Infectious Diseases


Sandia solutions can help defend our nation against infectious disease outbreaks and biological terrorism events that threaten human health, the economy, and global security and stability.

Basic and applied research at Sandia is addressing the threats posed by biological agents. We integrate our renowned engineering, nanotechnology, and computational capabilities to detect and characterize biothreats, as well as diagnose and cure disease. Learn more about biodefense & emerging infectious diseases

Bioscience Capabilities


Bioscience staff at Sandia can draw on the talents and know-how of teams from a broad suite of science and engineering disciplines when tackling issues of national importance. They can thus develop and apply tools at the interface of physical, computational, and biological sciences to create novel and imaginative solutions to critical problems.

Integrating strengths in nanoscience, high–performance computing, chemical imaging, microsystems, and the modeling and simulation of complex systems, Sandia has created and maintained world–class capabilities in microfluidics, computation, systems engineering, nanobiology, and bioimaging. Learn more about our capabilities