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The State Guard Military Academy has opened registration for the upcoming training cycle.  Many new course offerings are available, along with "core" courses previously offered. Go to the Academy page for more information and registration. Review dates and times for courses as this may differ from past scheduling.  We look forward to another successful training cycle!
Military Academy 2017 Information
The State Guard Association of the United States (SGAUS) held their annual conference in Baltimore Maryland October 29th - November 1st. The SCSG delegation was presented the Superior Unit Award.  Additionally, coming off the heels of the major flooding disaster, SCSG presented to all nationally represented SDFs its 10-day deployment details, highlighting the incredible work performed by our engineers and the additional combined 27,000 hours of work performed by our troops.
2015 SGAUS Convention
In this statewide emergency the volunteer professionals of the South Carolina State Guard served across the state. There were more than 100 State Guard members, from all three brigades and the headquarters detachment, providing engineering assessments in Newberry, manning the state Emergency Operations Center in Columbia, and filling sandbags in the Low Country. They have provided strategic planning, augmented law enforcement, and provided engineering assistance - all at no cost to the state of SC.

Post disaster and demobilization information can be found on our News and Events page.
SCSG Supports Flood Disaster Relief Efforts in S.C.
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In December 2012, as a member of the STARR search team, K9 Trooper and COL Jeff Jordan were
deployed to assist Orangeburg County Sheriff�s Department (OCSD) in locating the remains of a
presumed murder victim. The team searched various locations around Orangeburg County. K9
Trooper and COL Jordan were called to search for the possibility of human remains in a vehicle
known to have been driven by the suspect. Several vehicles were in storage in the OCSD
compound, one being the suspect�s vehicle.  At the compound several cars where searched and
K9 Trooper detected the smell of human remains on the driver�s seat and rear passenger seat of
one of the vehicles.  As it turned out, this car was the one driven by the murder suspect. Three
long years passed until right before Thanksgiving 2015. COL Jordan was contacted by the
Orangeburg Solicitor�s Office that the trial was about to begin and he and his K9 training records
would need to be ready. COL Jordan prepared several days for his testimony with the Solicitor�s
Office and was ready to go.  The day before the trial was to begin; the Solicitor reported that the
suspect pled guilty before standing trial. The suspect admitted to murdering the victim and that
he had transported the body of the victim in the vehicle K9 Trooper indicated.  Although the
body of the victim was not recovered, the evidence collected during the investigation along
with K9 Trooper�s indications made for a solid case. As a Cadaver Dog handler, it doesn�t get
much better than this!

K9 Trooper is a member of the SCSG K9 Special Operations Unit trained and handled by COL Jeff
Jordan. COL Jordan also serves as an instructor with Highland Canine, LLC in Harmony, NC. At the
Highland Training facility, COL Jordan works in training police and military scent detection
canines from all over the world.
SCSG K-9 Contributes to Solving 2012 Murder Case in Orangeburg County
COL Jeff Jordan and K9 "Trooper"
SCSG Supports Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts in S.C.

Almost a year after the historic 1,000 year flood event that inundated our state in October of 2015, the South Carolina State Guard once again answered the call by supporting relief efforts in affected areas across South Carolina.  Assisting with lane reversals prior to hurricane Matthew's arrival helped expedite coastal evacuation and minimize casualties.  Additionally, guardsmen assisted state and local law enforcement personnel, provided civil engineers for infrastructure evaluations, stood ready for search and rescue operations, and provided radio communications all while being self-sustaining for 72 hours.  The South Carolina State Guard has a unique ability to fill gaps usually seen in many emergency responses.  With professionals in law enforcement, medical, engineering, legal, communications, search and rescue, dive teams, K-9 teams, and with brigades strategically located across our state, the South Carolina State Guard stands ready for virtually any natural or manmade disaster.